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Commercial Waterproofing

Buildings commonly experience water leaks and can be found in a number of places – around window frames, from movement in a building creating cracks in walls, expansion joints, lift pits or basements.  There are many smaller zones inside the building to also consider – toilets, restrooms, or kitchens.  These are just to name a few but water leaks can occur just about anywhere there is defect where water can enter.

Mark and the team at Top Marks pride themselves in dealing with all types of commercial waterproofing and repairs.  They will visit the site and inspect the structure and implement an effective plan with you, to cover all aspects of the work involved.  Our focus is to ensure that your building is preserved at the highest quality.  We will always utilise the latest technology and installation techniques, no short cuts.

Whether you are trying to strengthen your existing waterproofing or repair a fault, allowing any water leaks is an unacceptable risk to the integrity of your site and we are here to offer you the right solution – give us a call today!

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